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A Thirty-Piece American Modern Package Design Collection

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  • A Thirty-Piece American Modern Package Design Collection
  • painted metal, cardboard, paper, glass and plastic
  • "Bonbonettes Chocolates" Tin:  9  1/4  x 5  5/8  x 2  3/4  in. (23.5 x 14.3 x 7 cm)
    "Ritz Crackers" Tin:  5  7/8  in. (14.9 cm) high
    6  1/4  in. (15.9 cm) diameter
    "Barricini Candy" Box:  10  1/8  in. (25.7 cm) diameter
comprising thirty pieces of product packaging with select designs by Egmont Arens, Donald Deskey, Robert Foster, Raymond Loewy, Winold Reiss, Walter Dorwin Teague and John Vassos
select examples with original contents

Catalogue Note

Egmont Arens:
"Bokar Coffee" Tin, circa 1932
“Prang” Watercolors Set, circa 1936

Donald Deskey:
"Tide" Washing Detergent Box, circa 1946
with original detergent

Robert Foster:
"Eagle Turquoise" Drawing Pencil Set, circa 1936
"Eagle Turquoise Prismacolor Chemisealed" Pencil Set, circa 1936
both with original, unused pencils

Raymond Loewy:
"Lucky Strike" Cigarettes, 1942
unopened with original cigarettes
"Ritz" Crackers Tin, circa 1947

Winold Reiss:
"Longchamps" Chocolate Box, circa 1930
"Baumgarten" Candy Box, circa 1930
"Barricini" Candy Box, circa 1935
"Barricini" Candy Box, circa 1938

Walter Dorwin Teague:
"Cutex" Compact Set, circa 1927
"Kodak Bantam," "Jiffy Kodak Series II," and "Focusing Finder" Camera Packaging, circa 1935

John Vassos:
"RCA" Radio Tube Packaging, circa 1937
with original radio tube

Unidentified Designers:
"ViJohn" Talc Tin, circa 1930
"Cooks Cocoa" Tin, circa 1933
"Permatex" Shock Absorber Oil Tin, circa 1933
"Ultra Chocolates" Tin, circa 1933
"Bonbonettes Chocolates" Tin, circa 1935
“Nu” Enamel Thinner Can, circa 1935
"Cotton Plucks" Cottonballs Tin, circa 1936
"Roach Café Insecticide" Tin, circa 1937
unopened with original chemical insecticide
"Johnson’s Prepared Paste Wax" Can, circa 1938
unopened with original wax product
"Kleenex" Tissue Box, 1938, unopened with original tissues
"Ultimo," "A & W Crest," and "Burroughs" Typewriter Ribbon Boxes, circa 1935-1939
"KDX Koken" Bottle of Dandruff Remover, circa 1938