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Pan Yuliang

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  • Pan Yuliang
  • Standing Nude
  • ink on paper
  • 46 by 26.8 cm.   18 1/8  by 10 1/2  in.
signed in Chinese and stamped with the artist's seal


Private European Collection

Catalogue Note

Pan Yuliang had a storied life. Despite losing her parents as a young age and despite the prejudices of a conservative society, she worked tirelessly and fearlessly to develop her gift. Forging a path of her own in the art world, she became a universally respected master and garnered a uniquely important place in art history. She graduated with flying colours from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Paris in 1925, and was then awarded a scholarship to attend its counterpart in Rome as the first Chinese female student. In 1929, she was invited to return to China by Liu Haisu, then Headmaster of the Shanghai School of Fine Art, to lead its Western Painting Department, where she inspired a liberal atmosphere with her energy and experimental daring. In the same year, she showed over 200 works in the "Pan Yuliang Homecoming Exhibition of Chinese Paintings," which was widely attended and discussed and which earned her the reputation of the "foremost Western-style painter in China."

Pan Yuliang fulfills the Western aesthetic criteria of realism and figurativeness using Chinese means, but without losing the spiritedness of subject or the dynamic balance between substance and void prized in Eastern painting. Hu Xinmin, the former director of the Anhui Museum of Art, has commented on this unique technique, "Pan Yuliang successfully, miraculously combines Chinese ink-and-brush sensibilities with the texture and volume of Western painting, creating an idiosyncratic aesthetics that is at once transcendent and concretely tangible. Her compositions retain the pregnant voids of Chinese painting, and yet she fills these voids with dots and crosses, skillfully reconciling East and West."