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  • Portrait of Kira Vassiliki. [1850]
  • paper
Charcoal on paper (visible area 545 x 420mm.), heightened with white, signed and dated lower right, mounted, framed and glazed

Catalogue Note

A fine drawing of Kira Vassiliki, a Greek Christian who became the influential wife of Ali Pasha. Vassiliki was born in 1789 in the village of Plisivitsa near Filiates and at the age of 12 sought an audience with Ali Pasha (1740-1822) to intercede for her father's life. Ali Pasha granted her father pardon and later married Vassiliki in 1808 and she joined his harem of over 600 women. Vassiliki was Ali Pasha’s favourite and was allowed to practice her Christian faith and used her influence over him to save the lives of many Greeks. When Ali Pasha was accused of treason and executed in 1822, Vassiliki was sent as a prisoner to the Sultan in Constantinople; he spared her life and she returned to Greece, where she lived until her death in 1834.