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Adolphe Lalire (called La Lyre)

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  • Adolphe Lalire (called La Lyre)
  • Le chant des sirènes
  • signed and inscribed AD. LALYRE./CARTERET lower right
  • oil on canvas

  • 64 x 93 inches


Galerie de Souzy, Paris

Catalogue Note

A student of William Bouguereau, La Lyre came to be known as "the painter of sirens."  In many of his large scale compositions, La Lyre captured the mythological maidens, often fish-tailed, who lured sailors with their song.  Joining the sirensin the present work, children play with a bow and quiver of arrows while another winged figure, likely Cupid, holds tight to a slippery rock perhaps suggesting the danger of seduction and romance.