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Constantin Brancusi

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  • Constantin Brancusi
  • L'Orgueil
  • Inscribed C. Brancusi and stamped with the foundry mark C. Valsuani Cire Perdue
  • Bronze
  • Height: 12 1/8 in.
  • 30.8 cm


Mrs. Percival Farquhar (acquired directly from the artist)
Mrs. George Farquhar, New York
Buchholz Gallery (Curt Valentin), New York
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph F. Colin (aquired from the above in 1955 and sold: Christie's, New York, May 10, 1995, lot 15)
Private Collection, Switzerland


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Catalogue Note

The present work, cast sometime after 1905, was the first work cast in bronze by Brancusi. He created two casts, the other of which is in the collection of the Muzeul de Arta, Krakow.