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Probably German, 11th century style

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  • Panel with Christ Triumphant
  • ivory
  • 13.2cm., 5¼in.
inscribed in pen to the reverse: Eigenthum Ihrer Königlichen Hoheit der Frau Grossherzogin Luise von Baden and with four old paper labels respectively inscribed in pen: 2490.; ge. H. P... 136, and: Eigenthum Ihrer Königlichen Hoheit der Frau Grossherzogin Luise von Baden


Grand Duchess Luise von Baden, Karlsruhe, transferred from the Grand Ducal Court Library to the Grand Ducal Art Gallery, 4 July 1850;
given by I.K.H. the Grand Duchess Luise von Baden to Grand Duke Frederick I, 16 June 1859;
transferred to the Residenzschloss Karlsruhe and integrated into the private collection of Grand Duke Frederick I, 1879;
Grand Duke Frederick I, Zähringer Museum, Neues Schloss, Baden-Baden, by 1883;
and thence by descent;
sold Sotheby's, Baden-Baden, Die Sammlung der Markgrafen und Grossherzöge von Baden, 5 October 1995, lot 256


Frommel, Inventarium über die in dem Atelier des Galleriedirectors Frommel befindliche Elfenbein Sammlung..., inv. Großh. Kunsthalle Carlsuhe, Karlsruhe, 1854-1858, no. 137;
K. Koelitz, Beschreibendes Inventar der Allerhöchsten Privatsammlung kunstgewerblicher Gegenstände..., inv. Zähringer Museum, Neues Schloss, Baden-Baden, 1883, no. 2490;
Richter, Inventar des Zähringer Museums..., inv. Zähringer Museum, Neues Schloss, Baden-Baden, 1919, no. 136;
M. H. Longurst, Victoria and Albert Museum. Catalogue of Carvings in Ivory, vol. ii, London, 1929, pp. 126-7

Catalogue Note

The present relief is carved after the original, formerly in the Oettingen-Wallerstein collection and later offered for sale at Sotheby's New York on 29th January 1999, lot 21. A number of further copies exist, including those at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London (Inv. no. 426-1884) and at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. The copies can be identified by the presence of the Eagle of St John in the lower left corner, whereas the Lion of St Mark is to be found in the original.