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An Egyptian Bronze Figure of a Lion-Headed Goddess, 21st/22nd Dynasty, 1075-716 B.C.

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  • An Egyptian Bronze Figure of a Lion-Headed Goddess
of slender form striding with her arms held to her sides, and wearing a long close-fitting dress encircled by the finely detailed plumes of the vulture goddess Nekhbet, bracelets and armlets, broad collar, and striated tripartite wig, her face with deeply engraved whiskers, the eyes, ruff, other details, and ornament on the dress all inlaid in remains of gold or electrum.

Denys Miller Sutton (1917-1991) assumed the role of editor of the London-based arts magazine Apollo in 1962, and retained this position for about 25 years, during which he considerably expanded the scope of the publication, addressing sensitive art preservation issues, attracting new contributors among prominent art historians and writers, writing many articles himself, and devoting several issues to the collections of museums around the world. His strong and unrelenting interest in the visual arts was a lifelong pursuit: he served as secretary of the international commission for the restitution of cultural material after World War II, worked as an art critic for Country Life and the Financial Times, authored several books on painting, including works on Watteau, Toulouse-Lautrec, Matisse, Picasso, and Whistler, and organized several exhibitions abroad such as shows on Constable and Titian in Tokyo. The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (vol. 53, Oxford, 2003, p. 382) describes him as an "astute collector of art."