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An Apulian Red-figured Bell Krater, attributed to the Tarporley Painter, circa 410-390 B.C.

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  • An Apulian Red-figured Bell Krater, attributed to the Tarporley Painter
  • Terracotta
  • Height 12 1/2 in. 31 .7 cm.
painted with confronted figures of young Dionysos and Pan standing in graceful attitudes, Dionysos holding a beribboned thyrsos and theater mask, Pan raising a torch and dipping a trefoil oinochoe into a black-figured bell krater decorated with dancers, two himation-clad youths on the reverse, one holding a staff, the other holding up an aryballos.


Arnold Ruesch (1882-1929), Zürich (Galerie Fischer, Lucerne, Sammlung A. Ruesch, Zürich: Griechische, etruskische und römische Altertümer, September 1st-2nd, 1936, no. 28)
William Randolph Hearst, San Simeon, California, inv. no. 3985
The Hearst Corporation (Parke-Bernet Galleries, New York, Works of Art, Furniture & Architectural Elements Collected by the Late William Randolph Hearst, April 5th-6th, 1963, no. 79)
acquired by Jan Mitchell in 1963, presumably at the above sale


The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (acc. nos. L.63.21.5 and L.1988.81.4), from 1963 to 2011


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