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A Greek Marble Grave Stele, Attic, Circa 3rd Quarter of the 4th Century B.C.

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  • A Greek Marble Grave Stele
  • Marble
  • 38 1/2 by 15 3/4 in. 97.8 by 40 cm.
carved in high relief with the Boeotian youth Onatoridas standing in three-quarter view to left, his small dog jumping up towards a dove held  in his extended right hand, and wearing soft shoes and an himation falling from his left shoulder and covering the left arm and hand, his thick wavy hair surmounted by a stephane, the stele crowned by a low pediment with central akroterion flanked by fragmentary lateral akroteriae, the inscription [Ona]toridas the Boeotian carved on the architrave; faint traces of blue and red pigment.


Michael Melas, found on his property in Athens on June 27th, 1877
English private collection (Sotheby's, London, October 19th, 1964, no. 167, illus., sold to Spink & Son, Ltd., London)


The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (acc. nos. L.64.81 and L.1988.81.6), from 1964 to 2011


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