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Group of Northwest Coast Wood Objects

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  • wood
comprising a bear holding a fish, a seal dish with bead and abalone inlay, a frog dish, a hollow, boat-shaped vessel finely carved on the exterior with form line decoration, possibly a weaving implement, a hawk-effigy spoon, a bear-effigy fork, and two model canoes, one with a paddle, both painted with totemic designs. 


Collected on the Northwest Coast by Lydia Floyd Prentiss in 1907

Gift to the Stirling Historical Society from the above

Catalogue Note

These items were purchased as souvenirs by Lydia Floyd Prentiss (born 1872, Ohio).  Lydia was an unmarried daughter of Frederick C. and Lydia S. F. Prentiss. The family resided in 1910 on Riverside Drive, Manhattan. Charlotte Prentiss was another unmarried sister. The family presumably descended from the Floyd family of Brecknock Hall, who owned the handsome Italianate building yet standing at Greenport, Long Island, New York.