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Proto-Bobo Mask, Burkina Faso

20,000 - 30,000 USD
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  • wood


Fall Cheick, Ivory Coast
Susan and Jerry Vogel, New York (inv. no. "VOG 92"), acquired from the above in 1965

Catalogue Note

The form of a domed helmet with extended vertical face in front is frequently seen in Bobo masks, as are small, close-together apertures representing the eyes, and thick, naturalistic, ridged antelope horns.  According to Roy (1987: 335), forward curving horns are "a reminder that this represents a spirit, not a natural antelope."  However the style of the offered lot is unusual and not known in other Burkina Faso masks.  The archaic features, aged surface, and native repair suggest that the mask is of great age and possibly representative of an archetypal form.