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An Austrian silver-gilt, enamel, and lapis three-piece clock garniture, Herman Boehm, Vienna, circa 1885

150,000 - 200,000 USD
266,500 USD
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all three pieces of hexagonal tower form, the openwork feet with masks below bases of a strapwork border with gnome terms and a horizontal band of lapis panels centered by oval reliefs of a merman separated by female caryatids
  The lower level of each with spiral-twisted columns at the angles, painted with flower garlands and topped by fully modeled figures of Prudence and other virtues, the lapis panels centered by high-relief roundels under glass showing three religious scenes munder glass - Adam and Eve, the Flight into Egypt, and the Vision of St. Hubert - and three mythological ones - the Judgement of Paris and two Pastorals with satyrs and Muses.
  The middle level with panels centered by openwork rounds of St. George and the Dragon, the central piece with three clock dials (lacking hands), punctuated by chased floral columns topped by classical figures on the vases and miniature figures of seated Saturn on the clock
  The upper level with classical arches centered by monster heads and flanked by putti enamelled en rond bosse, enclosing on the vases classical warriors and on the clock figures of Justice, Prudence, and Charity, alternating with St. George and two warrior kings.
  The vases topped by a gallery with seated Saturns and flaring hexagonal vases of champlevé enamel, with caryatid handles ending in rearing demi-horses enamelled en rond bosse in black, the clock with a double ballery of strapwork centered by masks and topped by Roman figures, the lapis turret with openwork ribs, the sides centered by panels of a Pelican feeding its young, classical warrior finial