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Three miniatures on leaves from an illuminated Book of Hours, on vellum [central France (perhaps Tours), c.1450]

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  • Vellum
3 leaves, each 120mm. by 92mm., with three-quarter page arch-topped miniatures, approximately 60mm. high: (i) Mary Magdalene in a blue robe within a finely detailed gothic interior in dull-gold, holding her jar of ointment, full border of acanthus leaves and other foliage, a bird and two women supporting a coat-of-arms: gules with 3 hammers or; (ii) St. Nicholas and the three boys, the saint holding a golden crosier and blessing as the boys come back to life and stand up in the tub in which they were pickled, full border with 2 drollery creatures in the bas-de-page; (iii) St. Laurence, bound and held on a leash over the griddle, as a man brings more wood and another fans the flames with a set of bellows, in the background a crowd gathers to watch, full border with 2 drollery creatures, one with a bow and arrow and another with a human-faced shield; all above 3 lines of text in a fine and delicate late gothic hand, on the reverse 12 lines with decorated border panels, all excellent condition