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Miniature by the Spanish Forger, with two leaves from illuminated choirbooks, all on vellum [sixteenth to nineteenth century]

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  • Vellum
3 leaves: (a) the arrival of a galleon to a medieval city, with two ladies and a nobleman gathering to greet the knights on board, miniature by the Spanish Forger on a cutting from an Italian fourteenth-century choirbook, 255mm. by 182mm., slight scuffs and flakes, else excellent condition, verso with 2 lines of text with music on a 4-line stave, France, late nineteenth or early twentieth century; (b) leaf from an antiphoner, 485mm. by 340mm., with a large initial 'A' (opening "Angelus domini descendit ...", the responsory for Easter Monday) in brick-red sprigs of woody foliage on green grounds edged in hairline gold, with a decorated panel in the bas-de-page with other sprigs terminating in acanthus-leaves, inhabited by two birds, an insect, three flies and two club-wielding wildmen attacking the head of a green dragon, somewhat scuffed and faded, 9 lines of text with music on a 4-line stave, 10 lines with music on verso (from Maggs, European Miniatures and Illumination 5, 1967, no.46), southern Netherlands, early sixteenth century; (c) leaf from a choirbook, 562mm. by 370mm., with large angular initial 'F' (opening "Fili quid fe[cisti]...", second Vespers for the feast of the Holy Family) in gold bands enclosing red and blue inset-panels, six other initials composed of coloured scrolling cadels touched in black or brown to heighten panels within their bodies, 3 lines of text with music on 4-line red staves, 5 lines of text with music on verso, paginated "73" and "74", Spain, seventeenth century