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Collection of charters, records and fragments of manuscripts, on vellum and paper [thirteenth to seventeenth century]

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  • Vellum and Paper
20 items, including two items of historical interest for the raising of monies for troops in the Hundred Years' War: (a) receipt issued by Michel Marquet, secretary of King Charles VIII of France, for 1309 livres, 14 solz and 9 deniers from the Treasurer General of Languedoc, as the final payment of the settlement of the late king, Louis XI, for "pensions des seigneurs ... des haultes almaignes et nacion de suysse" (southern German and Swiss soldiers), 340mm. by 115mm., in French on vellum, France, 16 July 1486; (b) receipt issued by Geoffrei Odenaux, canon of Auxerre, for clerical tithes paid by the monastery of St. Germain in Auxerre towards the recovery of Harfleur and other towns from the English invaders, "antiquos hostes domini nostri Regis" (the ancient enemies of our lord the king), 300mm. by 140mm., in Latin and French on paper, France, 25 August 1416; an early secular grant of land: (c) Bernardus de Plouberiis and his wife Regina to Henradus, marshal of the Duke of Burgundy and his mother, 245mm. by 190mm., in Latin on vellum, France, December 1279; six documents relating to various ecclesiastical institutions: (d-f) 3 receipts from a northern French archive, including 2 from the abbot and monks of the Praemonstratensian house at L'Étoile (Stella) near Authon, dioc. of Chartres, both approximately 190-95mm. by 60mm. and Latin, all on vellum, France, 1337; (g-h) Deed of the burgermasters of St Trond, Belgium, relating to the nuns of the "cloesters en guidshuys" of the 3rd rule of St. Francis, with deed of ratification issued by the nuns, in Dutch on 2 conjoined leaves of vellum (the larger 260mm. by 165mm.), with large red episcopal seal of Jean de Hoerne, Flanders, 1456 & 1490; (i-j) receipts from brother Wouter Everaerts of monastery at Bethlehem, near Louvain, for monies from the town of Mechelen, 235mm. by 60mm., and from Luytghart Mertens for other monies from Mechelen, 110mm. by 60mm., both in Dutch on vellum, Flanders, 1474 & 1476; (k) will of Gielys van den Zande of Louvain, with bequests for the church of "sinte Lambrechts te luydick" (Liege) and the "cloester van den mynderbruederen" in Louvain, 420mm. by 270mm., in Dutch on vellum, 1488; will of Symon Tesch of Antwerp, with bequests to numerous monastic communities in Antwerp, Temsche and Bethelehem, 280mm. by 520mm., in Dutch on vellum, July 1515; (l) notarial transcript of letters of Jean de Soleville, kt. and royal councillor, concerning payment for a perpetual chaplain in the chapel called "Tempelhuus" (a former Templar house, later Hospitaller) in Ghent, 490mm. by 455mm., in Latin and French on vellum, Belgium, 1413; (m) grant by Symon Waggestaff, vicar of Glossop, Derbys., of lands in Cheshire, 270mm. by 170mm., in Latin on vellum, with attached green wax seal, England, 1386/7; (n-p) 3 papal deeds on vellum from 1644-73; and (q-s) 3 manuscript fragments, including a bifolium from a treatise for parish clergy or confessors and 2 leaves from a breviary, all probably England, fifteenth century