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World--Cimerlinus, Giovanni Paolo.

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  • Cosmographia universalis ab Orontio olim descripta. [Venice]: Giovanni Paolo Cimerlinus, 1566

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520 x 585mm., double-page engraved map on 2 sheets joined, thick paper, good margins, a dark impression


Tooley, Maps in Italian Atlases, 19; Shirley, World, 116 (pl.100: BL example); Meurer, Strabo Illustratus Atlas, map 1; Karrow, Mapmakers of the Sixteenth Century, 27/2.3; Nordenskiold, Facsimile Atlas, p.89 (fig.53); The World Explored, 153 (pl.34); cf. Shirley: Mapping of the World, 69 (ill: colour frontispiece) for the Fine prototype

Catalogue Note

One of the most striking cartographic images from the early period of cartography, Cimerlinus' world map is drawn on a cordiform, or heart-shaped projection, allowing the depiction of the world in one "hemisphere".

Cimerlinus is a little known printseller and publisher, apparently from Verona, but presumably working in Venice, a lesser figure in the so-called "Lafreri-school" of Italian cartographers and publishers who dominated European map-publishing between about 1540 and 1570.

Cimerlinus's model, as credited in the title, was a very rare world map by the French cartographer Oronce Finé (or Finaeus) known in only two examples, both in institutions.

The map is set in an elaborate classically-inspired frame, with cherubs and angels, bearing the dedication to Henry Maltravers, count of Arundel, presumably Henry FitzAlan, 19th Earl of Arundel (1512-1580) or, less plausibly, his son Henry FitzAlan, Lord Maltravers (1538-56), this latter connection seemingly giving rise to the oft-given date of 1556 for the proof state.