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  • Issued by War Department on April 20, 1865, offering rewards for the apprehension of John Wilkes Booth and his fellow conspirators in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln
  • 24 3/4 x 12 1/2 inches
Assassination broadside (23 3/4 x 19 1/4 in.; 603 x 489 mm), War Department, Washington, April 20, 1865, | $100,000 Reward! | The Murderer | of our late beloved President, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, | IS STILL AT LARGE. | $50,000 REWARD! ... | will be paid  by this Department for  his apprehension, in addition to any reward offered | any Municipal Authorities or State Executives. | $25,000 REWARD! | will be paid for the apprehension of JOHN H. SURRATT, one of Booth's accomplices. | $25,000 REWARD! | will be paid for the apprehension of DANIEL C. HARROLD, another of Booth's accomplices. ... | Let the stain of innocent blood be removed from the land by the arrest and punishment of the | murderers. | All good citizens are exhorted to aid public justice on this occasion. Every man should consider | his own conscience charged with this solemn duty, and rest neither night nor day until it be accomplished. | [signed in type:] EDWIN M. STANTON, Secretary of War. New York: Geo. F. Nesbitt & Co., 1865; a few closed tears, stained along bottom margin. Mounted on a linen mat, glazed, and framed.


Swanson and Weinberg, Lincoln's Assassins. Their Trial and Execution (New York, William Morrow), p. 53, fig. 45

Catalogue Note

According to Swanson and Weinberg, "the War Department telegraphed news of the reward to Major General John A. Dix in New York, who had this rare broadside printed by George F. Nesbitt & Co...." The chief differences between this broadside and what is considered the first printing are as follows: The third conspirator is incorrectly named Daniel C. Harrold; the correct name is David C. Herold. In the first printing, Herold is described as "a little, chunky man, quite a youth, and wears a heavy black mustache." In the New York issue, he is described as "23 years of age, 5 feet 6 or 7 inches high, rather broad shouldered, otherwise light built; dark hair, little (if any) moustache; dark." The first printing also provides a Notice at the bottom of additional rewards, whereas the New York issue only bears Nesbitt's imprint.