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A Large Russian Porcelain Basket from the Service for the Imperial Order of St. Andrew First Called, Gardner Porcelain Manufactory, Verbilki, 1778-1780

80,000 - 120,000 USD
104,500 USD
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  • with blue factory mark
  • Porcelain
of circular, tapering form, the sides pierced and gilded, the undulating, gilded rim molded in a chain pattern, the exterior molded with the Chain of the Order set against gilt and foliate ornament, the handles painted brown to resemble woven branches and sculpted with delicate floral ornament, the center of the interior painted with the Star of the Order, on which is it written in Cyrillic the Order's motto: For Faith and Loyalty (Za veru i vernost).

Catalogue Note

Although the Order of St. Andrew the First Called was the most prestigious of all the Russian Orders, the Service for the Knights' Annual Banquet was completed second, near the end of 1780. Made for eighty covers, the pieces were more difficult to mold because the primary design device was the order's unique chain, rather than the pale blue Sash. It is interesting to note that the Cabinet commissioned an entirely new service made on Russian soil to harmonize with those for the Orders of St. George and St. Alexander Nevsky rather than simply continuing to use the Meissen St. Andrew Service (see lot 6). Emperor Peter I founded the Order in 1698 "as a reward and tribute to some for loyalty, courage, and all manner of meritorious services rendered to Our person and country." Unlike the Order of St. George, which could be awarded to those who did not hold noble rank, the Order of St. Andrew was strictly limited to the well-born who held at least the title of Count.