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Jehangir Sabavala (b. 1922)

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  • Jehangir Sabavala
  • Winged Flight
  • Signed and dated 'Sabavala '58' lower left, and further inscribed '"Winged Flight"/ by Jehangir Sabavala/ 1958' on reverse
  • Oil on board
  • 24 by 32 in. (61 by 81.3 cm)

Catalogue Note

In the decade following Indian independence, Jehangir Sabavala experimented with the plasticity of Synthetic Cubism. Executed in 1958, Winged Flight represents the artist's earliest experimentations in Cubism – exhibiting a stylized rigidity in form through the architecture of intersecting planes, sharp angularities and wedges of light. Winged Flight utilizes the bold palette with which characterizes Sabavala's works from 1957-1959, and demonstrates his sublime interest in the relationship between kinetic energy, light and form.

In the artist's own words in regard to the current work: "At the centre is the heart of a sunflower. The taut bodies of the butterflies converge upon it in a flutter of exuberant wings. Yet more sunflower heads peep at your from the corners.

"I had painted a set of three pictures entitled 'The Lure of the Sunflower'. The palette was daring and high pitched, and I took pleasure in what one could do because one was excited by the technique. Conceived and delivered in taut lines and strong wedges, the paintings were a swirl of movement, patterning and color." (Correspondence with Jehangir Sabavala, Mumbai, 16 February 2011)