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Niccolò di ser Sozzo Tegliacci

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  • Niccolò di Ser Sozzo Tegliacci
  • Madonna and Child with Two Angels
  • tempera, silver and gold ground on panel, unframed


Prince Leon Ourusoff, Nice, France, before 1929;
Arthur Sachs (1880-1975), New York;
By whom sold via exchange to F. Steinmeyer, working as an agent for Julius Böhler Gallery, Munich and Lucerne, 1929;
With Galerie Paul Cassirer, Amsterdam, 1933-1952 (on consignment from Julius Böhler);
Returned unsold to Böhler, 1952;
From whom acquired by Thomas S. Hyland, Greenwich, CT, 1958 (as Luca di Tommè);
From whom acquired by The J. Paul Getty Museum, 1970.


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Catalogue Note

This imposing, early work was once the central panel for an altarpiece.  Although it is now cut down, it must once have depicted a full-length, larger than life-size Virgin and Child enthroned and flanked by angels.  The red ground that is visible in the Virgin's throne, her dress, the Christ Child's chemise and in the borders of their cloaks was originally covered with elaborately patterned silver gilt.  Remnants of the silver can still be detected in the dark indentations of the patterning; however, because it needed to be constantly polished to ward off tarnish, most of the lavish background has been rubbed away.  Although no other panels from this altarpiece have as yet been identified, a similar polyptych in the Pinacoteca Nazionale di Siena, signed and dated "NICCHOLAUS SER SOCII ET LUCAS TOMAS DE SENIS HOC OPUS PINSERUNT ANNI MCCCLXII," must be very close in composition and treatment to the present work.