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Cadogan family.

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  • A significant group of about 120 18th-century letters to the Earls Cadogan and close family members
  • ink on paper
most items in individual paper folders, principal recipients including:

i) William, Earl Cadogan (1671-1726): 28 letters and documents relating to European diplomacy, Jacobitism, and the War of the Quadruple Alliance, including eight autograph letters signed by the 2nd Earl Stair as Ambassador at Paris, with news of court politics, treaties with Russia and Prussia, the ongoing Great Northern War, Spanish moves in Italy, and with intelligence of Jacobite activity and the Duke of Ormond, Sicily, Sardinia, and the French finance minister John Law, together with two copy letters by Stair, 29 September 1717 to 14 June 1720, and three letters signed by Eugene of Savoy, one concerning the disposition of troops under Count Vehlen during the War of the Quadruple Alliance, 22 June 1715 to 1 April 1719; in total 80 pages, English, French, Dutch, and Italian, chiefly folio and 4to, 1715-1720, some items docketed, dust-staining, nicks and tears, a few items affected by damp 

ii) Charles Sloane Cadogan (1728-1807), later Earl Cadogan (2nd creation), as Keeper of the Privy Purse to Prince Edward, Duke of York and Albany, the dissolute younger brother of George III: A series of 65 letters to Cadogan concerning the Prince's European travels, finances, and death, including nine letters by Prince Edward, on money matters and especially negotiations for a regular subsidy ("...I shall immediately apply to the King in the strongest manner for a Parliamentary settlement..."), one document signed by him, and one letter by his brother Prince William Henry; also thirty-two letters by H. St John and ten by W. Boothby, equerries to the Prince, discussing the Prince's reception by royalty and nobility  and "that never ceasing Pursuit of Pleasures" (St John) at various European cities including balls, regattas, and masquerades ("...Since the Carnival has begun a sober thinking man wou'd think all the people mad but its delightfull I've been a Savoyard a Hussar a Pelerin and may be a Chemney sweeper before I go..." (Boothby)), warning of the Prince's over-spending, the later letters discussing his final illness, death, and funeral arrangements, in total about 115 pages, various sizes but mostly 4to, numerous integral address leaves, Mafra, Lisbon, Gibraltar, Genoa, Milan, Florence, Bologna, Venice, Padua, Turin, Parma, Rome, Utrecht, the Hague, Brunswick, Berlin, Soissons, Villers Cotteret, Orleans, Campeigne, Bordeaux, Aix, Monaco, and Nice, July 1760 to 6 November 1767, some tears and dust-staining