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Gandhi, Mohandas K.

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  • Letter signed ("M.K. Gandhi"), to Edmund Candler
  • ink on paper
on his doctrine of Satyagraha, the relationship between the British and the Indians, and the Khalifat campaign, 2 pages, folio, Satyagr[aha] Ashram, Sabarmati, 24 February 1920

Catalogue Note

"...You may depend upon my making a ceaseless effort to promote peace with honour and to avoid violence under all circumstances. But my doctrine of non-violence is making slow headway because of the rude conduct of Englishmen generally towards Indian passengers on the trains and the Mahomedan distrust (not wholly unjustified) of the good faith of England in the matter of Turkey ... I have been asking Englishmen to find a Christian as distinguished from a gunpowder solution..."

An unpublished letter from the months leading up to the launch of the non-cooperation movement, Gandhi's first great Satyagraha campaign in India, written to the Director of Publicity for the Punjab.