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Naval Journal--HMS Marlborough.

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  • Journal maintained by G.J. Fiske, with an account of the evacuation of the surviving Russian Imperial family from Yalta in April 1919
  • ink on paper
including Dowager Empress Maria, Grand Duke Nicholas Nicholaevich and his brother Grand Duke Peter, also describing in extensive detail action against Bolshevik forces in the Crimea, especially around Feodosiya, in May-June 1919, including shelling of railway lines, trenches, observation posts, and the local village of Dal Kamishi, as well as the use of aeroplanes and balloons for spotting, also with extensive entries describing the ship's part in the occupation of Constantinople, including reference to public disturbances at the signing of the Treaty of Sèvres, and action against Turkish Nationalist forces in July 1920, 80 pages, plus blanks, text on rectos only, folio, 12 March 1919 to 1 November 1920, hand-made canvas covers over boards

[with:] 153 photographic and pictorial postcards, including many of HMS Marlborough, the Russian Imperial refugees and other visitors, military action, places visited, the aftermath of battles in the Crimea and Turkey, and tourist postcards, 73 in an album and the remainder loose

Catalogue Note

"...As we passed HMS Lord Nelson she played the Russian National Anthem. It was very touching to the Empress she went to bed crying..."

A rare eyewitness to the final departure into exile of the surviving Romanovs. HMS Marlborough was a battleship that served as part of Britain's Black Sea squadron during the Russian Civil War.