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An Attic Black-figured Neck Amphora, circa 510 B.C.

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  • An Attic Black-figured Neck Amphora
  • Terracotta
with torus foot, triple handles, and echinus mouth, painted on one side with Ajax carrying the body of Achilles flanked by Scythian archers, his shield emblazoned with a lion's head, and on the other side with Hermes Kriophoros flanked by two women each holding a double branch, encircling rays, festooned lotus buds, and a dotted zigzag line above the foot, linked lotus flowers and palmettes in the handle zones, linked double palmettes on the neck, the details in added red and white, a graffito under the foot.


Sotheby's, London, November 26th, 1968, no. 133, illus.


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