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Charles Adrien Prosper d'Epinay

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  • Charles Adrien Prosper d'Epinay
  • dancer with a tambourine

  • signed and dated: D'EPINAY 1891
  • white marble on verde antico column
  • marble: 105cm., 41¼in. column: 102cm., 40 1/8 in.

Catalogue Note

This lyrical marble is representative of the works produced by Prosper d'Épinay during his mature period. It is analogous with the sculptor's celebrated La Ceinture dorée (1874), which was commissioned to embody the ideal of the modern female. Both figures exhibit the same sensual treatment of the flesh and have similar stances. However, the present piece can be linked most strongly to Épinay's La danse au tambourin (1884), in which two girls dance together, one holding a tambourine, the other a thyrsus and a castanet. The figure with the tambourine compares closely with the present dancer, particularly in terms of pose, with both figures tilting their necks to one side, whilst twisting their bodies and holding tambourines above their heads. Like La danse au tambourin, the present marble conveys an interest in the antique, through evoking Bacchic ritual. A remarkable sense of movement is created by the twisting pose of the figure, aided by the flowing, swirling drapery.

P. Roux Foujols, Prosper d'Épinay (1836-1914). Un mauricien à la cour des princes, Ile Maurice, 1996, pp. 36-44