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Two Nautical Toys Early 20th century

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  • tin, paint
A circa 1910 German musical merry-go-round featuring painted base, painted center pole with tin surround lithographed in white and gold fitted with four colorfully lithographed galleons with passengers beneath canopies and billowing sails. When operative and wound the boats circle the platform, rocking back and forth in an ocean plying motion. Also includes a brilliantly lithographed toy set up much like an amusement park shooting gallery game. It features a sky to sea backdrop with images of zeppelins and early aircraft flying over a fleet of battleships with the sea roiled by explosions, in front of which is a stationary battleship in profile. When the mechanism is wound the battleship tilts back and forth as boats and seaplanes pass by it. Framed by a zeppelin, lighthouse, and battleship.