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Collection of Motorcycle Toys 20th Century

4,000 - 6,000 USD
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  • paint, tin, plastic,
Highlights include four pre-war keywind tinplate examples comprising a Greppert & Kelch Touring Cyclon featuring driver, sidecar, and lady passenger with articulated arm, a Günthermann keywind Touring Cyclist, a Tippco motorcycle with driver, sidecar, and lady passenger; and a Motorcycist and ramp go-round by Rico. Collection also features an Arnold keywind Mac Motorcycle (green version), a Monkey Scooter by Gama, two Tippco Bella Scooters, a boxed Tri-Ang Gyrocycle, a boxed French Vespa Cart, several sizes and styles of Tippco motorcycles, a great selection of Schuco friction-powered cycles, examples by Technofix, Huki and others.


Lengths range from 4 to 12 inches