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Large Collection of Motorcycle Toys 20th century

4,000 - 6,000 USD
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  • plastic, tin, paint
Featuring Hoge keywind Traffic Cycle-Car Delivery, an early Japanese keywind Welby delivery cycle with helmeted driver, an unusual French clockwork aluminum cycle with Bakelite sidecar stamped "Auto-Cycle Paris," a nickel-plated cycle with rubber tires and a brown sidecar, includes pre and post-war versions of the Marx keywind Speedboy Delivery carts, a Wyandotte Humphrey Mobile, a Wyandotte Easter Bunny cycle with sidecar. This collection also contains a large selection of Japanese post-war toys by Alps, Bandai, Linemar, San, Matsudaya, Nomura and Yone. Including a boxed Ice Cream Vendor by Nomura, friction-powered Harley and Venus cycles, Linemar Mickey and Pluto cycles, battery-operated Highway Patrol and expert Motorcyclist by Matsudaya, as well as some later post-war toys.