Cramer, Charles
LOT SOLD. 52,500 USD
Cramer, Charles
LOT SOLD. 52,500 USD

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New York

Cramer, Charles

Fine collection of autograph manuscripts of his travels in Europe and the United States, in all 40 volumes, with ca. 1520 pages of manuscript, and ca. 2100 illustrations consisting of engraved and woodcut plates, pencil and ink-wash drawings, and watercolors, including 2 printed copies of his study of American geological formations, Etwas über die Natur Wunder in Nord America (1837), accompanied by the original manuscript (see list below); a few minor marks of soiling or fold tears in the larger maps, but generally very clean and fresh.

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Sabin 17381 (for the printed work)

Catalogue Note

Charles Cramer (fl. 1832-1844) was the Russian consul in New York in 1836 but this was the second time he visited the United States, having made an extensive tour in 1824-1828. A member of the Minerological Society in St. Petersburg, he was born in Russia, but went to school in London and Edinburgh. He spent twelve years in the United States. In all his travels he showed a keen interest in architecture and civic life, as well as natural formations and landscape, and his works are replete with illustrations and mementos gathered from ephemeral publications and events, as well as drawings made by his wife and his friends.

The collection consists of the following:

Remembrancer of Scenes in Europe. St. Petersburg, 1837 (-1849)
1. Introduction - ca. 50 pp. ms., marbled paper wrappers.
2. Vol. 1, all engraved plates, ca. 20 pp. ms. Loose in marbled wrappers, in calf gilt box.
3. Addition to vol. 1, 15 pp. ms., maps, plates, newsclippings on London and Edinburgh. Loose in paper wrappers.
4. vol. 2, Great Britain and Ireland, 20 pp. ms, loose in marbled wrappers, in calf gilt box.
5. Addition to vol. 2, 40 pp. ms., maps, plates, newsclipping, engravings, loose in paper wrapper.
6. vol. 3, France and Germany, 45 pp. ms., maps, plates, clippings, engravings, entry tickets, pamphlet guidebooks, loose in marbled wrapper.
7. Addition to vol. 3, 20 pp. ms., drawings, maps, plates, in paper wrapper.
8. vol. 4, Prussia and Russia, 60 pp. ms., maps, plates, drawings.
9. Addition to vol. 4, 60 pp. ms., plates, newsclippings, loose in paper wrappers.
10. vol. 5, St. Petersburg, 50 pp. ms., plates, drawings, maps, loose in marbled wrappers, in calf gilt box.
11. Addition to vol. 5, 20 pp. ms., plates, drawings, maps, loose in paper wrappers.
12. vol. 6, Paris, 10 pp. ms., plates, loose in paper wrappers.
13. Addition to vol. 6, 1849, "The following is a succinct account of Paris, without being a regular description, but the subjoined views convey a good idea of what I saw in Paris. My notes are divided into districts or "Arrondissiments"... The Sketches however are numbered so as to allow our performing "Promenades" & viewing Paris in "no time", as the Yankees have it." (signed)., 50 pp. ms., plates, loose in paper wrappers.
In all 13 volumes, ca. 460 pp. ms. and 700 illustrations. Tan half-morocco drop-boxes.
"Travelling Scraps" or Scenes in Europe ... Second Series. St. Petersburg, 1845
1. vol. 1, German Confederation, 50 pp. ms., plates, maps.
2. vol. 2, Italy (Lombardy, Venice, Tuscany, Papal States), 25 pp. ms., drawings, plates.
3. vol. 3, Florence, 60 pp. ms., plates, drawings, maps.
4. vol. 4, Rome, 90 pp. ms., drawings, plates, maps.
5. vol. 5, Naples, Genoa, Turin, 60 pp. ms., drawings, maps, plates.
6. vol. 6, Savoy, Switzerland, Rhine, Holland & Belgium, 60 pp. ms., drawings, maps, clippings, plates.
In all 6 volumes, ca. 500 illustrations, ca. 345 pp. ms. In blue board portfolios, light blue half-morocco drop-boxes.
A General Tour thro' the United States & British Provinces of North America [1824-1828]. Illustrated by a series of engravings & compiled by Chas. Cramer. St. Petersburg, 1830.

"Presented to Mrs. Charles Cramer by her affectionate husband."
1. vol. 1, [District of Columbia, Baltimore, Philadelphia], 40 pp. ms., contemporary blindstamped diced calf, gilt roll-tooled border, rebacked with original spine laid down.
[from the Preface:] "I had originally the intention of publishing my Travels thro' America; having however since perused the Tour of the Duke Bern[har]d Saxe Weimar, & finding that he had gone over nearly the same ground & had made the same remarks with myself, I gave up the idea ... So much has been written about North America, that in truth only repetitions could be made, of what has already been stated. Most of the "Travels in America" have been published by English men, who generally speaking, were somewhat prejudiced. There are however several exceptions; those that I deem worthy of being quoted in a particular manner on account of their correct and impartial statements, are Hodson, Duncan, & Francis Hall. Should any one be desirous of reading a Book replete with Envy at the flourishing state of the Country, & hate towards the Nation, he must peruse de Roos. It is so miserable a production, that it has not even been reviewed in America. In England however, it met with such applause that it went thru' 3 editions. The author was promoted!"
2. vol. 2, [New York, Boston], ca. 80 pp. ms.
3. vol. 3, [Massachusetts, Rhode Island, upstate New York], ca. 50 pp. ms.
4. vol. 4, [Buffalo, Erie Canal, Connecticut], ca. 80 pp. ms.
5. vol. 5, [New Orleans, Havana Cuba, Georgia, Virginia], ca. 50 pp. ms. [page 57:] "Montpellier is situated in Orange County Virginia and is the residence of Mr. Madison who lives in a respectable style - everything elegant without fastidiousness. I was received with much politeness by Mr. Madison & entertained 2 days at his house. I parted from him with great regret ... [page 59:] Mrs. Madison is an extremely accomplished Lady, & must have graced the "Drawing Room" during the 8 years presidency of her husband, in every sense of the Word."
6. vol. 6, blank save for 2 news-clippings.
In all 5 vols, ca. 430 plates and maps, ca. 300 pp. ms. Tan half-morocco drop-boxes.
Scenes in America to serve as "Additional Illustrations" to Charles Cramer's Tour thro' the United States & British Provinces of North America. St Petersburg, 1838
1. ca. 80 plates of New York City, including an engraved view of the elegant "Marine Pavilion" in Rockaway NY with an 1835 menu heavily favoring the (rather expensive for the time) wines.
2. ca. 70 plates of upstate New York, Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and New England, including maps and views.
3. ca. 70 plates of Boston and New England.
4. ca. 82 plates of Middle, Western, and Southern States, including a stage-coach "way-bill from Columbus [Ohio] to Portland [Maine]" with names of passengers, dated 4 August 1826.
5. ca. 87 plates of portraits, etc.
In all, 5 volumes, ca. 390 plates, loose in marbled paper wrappers, in calf gilt boxes, in maroon half-morocco drop-boxes.
Etwas über die Natur Wunder in Nord America. St. Petersburg [New York], 1833, 1838, 1842
Presented to the secretary of the Mineralogical Society of St. Petersburg.
1. Erster Abschnitt, "Höhlen", 5 plates and a ms. map. 60 pp. ms.
2. Zweiter , "Höhlen", 1 plate, 3 ms. maps, 74 pp.
3. Dritter, "Quelle, Fälle, etc.", 3 maps, a few inserted leaves, 146 pp.
4. Nachträge, 66 pp., 5 leaves of fine drawings of bones.
5. Plate volume of 58 illustrations including ink washes drawn by Margaret Anne Cramer, and a few engraved plates.
In all 5 volumes, 76 plates, 356 pp. ms. Blind-stamped calf, gilt-ruled, in orange half-morocco drop-boxes.
Two copies of the printed version: St. Petersburg: Ministerium des Innern, 1837 & 1840. 2 vols. 8vo. One copy presented to his father, the other to his wife. Blind-stamped calf gilt, brown or red half morocco drop-boxes. In all, 4 volumes.
Occasional Attempts at Rhyming. Europe & America, 19th Century [1832-1844]. ca. 70 pp. ms. Blindstamped calf, gilt roll-tooled border, in a maroon half-morocco drop-box.


New York