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Lombard School, 17th Century

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  • Still life with a bouquet of flowers in an urn, together with a basket of fruit, various fish, a cat and a copper pan;
    Still life with a bouquet of flowers in an urn, together with a basket of fruit, a plate of sweetmeats, an array of vegetables including asparagus and artichokes, and bowls of olives and fraises-de-bois, a papillon lapdog in the foreground

  • a pair, both oil on canvas, in fine gilt Italian cassetta frames
  • the former: 108 by 146.3 cm.; 42 1/2 by 57 5/8 in. the latter: 107.5 by 144.9 cm.; 42 1/4 by 57 in.


Bernard Hippolyte Marie d'Harcourt (1821-1912) and Elisabeth Marie Casimire de Guignard de Saint Priest (1832-1900), Château de Melz sur Seine;
Alexandre Auguste Catoire de Bioncourt (1863-1913) and Gilonne Henriette Marie d'Harcourt (1867-1952), Château de Melz sur Seine;
Gerard Auguste Laurent Sixte Francois de Loriol (1904-1973) and Alexandra Wassiljewa Catoire de Bioncourt (1900-1956), Château d'Allaman, Switzerland;
Thence by descent.