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Platinum, Sapphire and Diamond Ring

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  • platinum, sapphire, diamond, ring
The cushion-shaped sapphire weighing 19.55 carats, flanked by baguette diamonds, size 5¼.

Catalogue Note

Accompanied by Gübelin letter and report no. 1007097 stating that the sapphire is of Burmese origin, no indications of heating, this colour variety of sapphire may also be called 'royal blue' by members of the trade; and AGL letter and report no. CS 80701 stating that the sapphire is of Burmese origin, heat enhancement: none.

"It is the most cheerful of all gemstones.  It frees the spirit and creates well being." - Richard Burton

Over the ages, sapphires have come to symbolize harmony, loyalty, trust, faithfulness and love.  In ancient times it was believed that the Earth was set in a sapphire whose blue color was reflected in the sky.  The various shades of blue with which sapphires are imbued were said to reflect the changing mood of the sky.  Royal Blue, the color grading which the Gübelin Gemological Laboratory reserves for the finest Burmese sapphires and which has been awarded this magnificent Burmese stone, is one of the most desirable hues.  The color has been described by Dr. Eduard Gübelin as being "imbued with a silken velvety sheen, leading the glance into its hidden depths, rendered as unfathomable as mountain lakes by a tiny trace of cobalt blue."  In gemological terms, the color of a sapphire is a result of traces of iron and titanium in the original corundum composition.  The source of the finest quality of Burmese sapphires, which this stone is most definitely, is the remote valley of Mogok.