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Diego Rivera (1886-1957)

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  • Diego Rivera
  • Portrait of Gladys March
  • signed and dated 1946 upper right; also inscribed To Gladys with love upper right
  • oil on canvas
  • 30 by 27 7/8 in.
  • 76.2 by 70.7 cm


Private Collection, New York

Catalogue Note

Gladys March met Diego Rivera in the spring of 1944 when he granted her an interview for a newspaper article she was writing.   Though married to a Miami Beach physician, she continued work as a journalist and returned to Mexico the next year to spend six months with Rivera as he dictated his memoirs to her.  This was followed by yearly visits to Mexico until 1957, the year he died. "Fortunately for me, Rivera seemed to be flattered by the continual attentions of a young American woman.  I literally walked in his shadow, and he let me go with him everywhere as he spun his tales." (Diego Rivera, My Art, My Life, An authobiography with Gladys March, p. 11)
This lot includes personal photographs, articles, research material and the original manuscript for the book, originally titled Mexico's Bad Boy.  These documents contain notes and stories that were edited before publication.  Among these is a visit from Chester Dale during the painting of Gladys March's portrait in which the three shared lunch and Diego popped a fly into this mouth; a proposition that Frida Kahlo received from a Swedish millionaire while in San Francisco with Rivera; Diego's theories on the differences in the sexual practices of Russians versus Americans and a program he called "Lubrication for Reconciliation"; and a comment from Frida who tells Gladys, "If my next operation turns out successfully, you and I will go out and get cockeyed together, okay, kid?"