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A Highly Important American Silver Punch Bowl, Cornelius Kierstede, New York, 1700-1710

400,000 - 800,000 USD
5,906,500 USD
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the bowl divided into six curved panels, each chased with a lobate cartouche centered by boldly chased and engraved leafy floral sprays, one cartouche with flower bud resembling a dog's head, another with stem extending into an engraved long-beaked bird head, all with partly-matted and pricked decoration, the upper portion on one panel engraved with early interlaced cipher BF, the underside engraved and partly matted with a six-petalled double-flowerhead enclosing human faces at the tips of the outer and most-inner petals, with cast scroll handles, the upper handles formed as open-mouthed monsters, the lower ends forked and terminating in leafy scrolls, raised on a molded foot with die-rolled band of lozenges