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A Rare Qur'an Leaf in Kufic Script on Vellum, North Africa or Near East, circa 9th century AD

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  • Vellum
text: surah al-rum (XXX), part of verse 26 to part of verse 31
Arabic manuscript on vellum, 10 lines to the page written in kufic script in brown ink, employing an unusual and entirely circular letter 'mim', vocalisation in the form of red and green dots, wide outer margins

Catalogue Note

This Qur'an leaf is extremely unusual in that it bears a distinctly circular mim letter form, rare on early Qur'an manuscripts. The compact letters generally fall into Déroche's 'group C' in terms of form, but the circular mims are certainly more pronounced in this instance. A futher Qur'an folio executed in a comparable style can be found in the Bibliothèque Nationale de Tunis (published in the Musée du Petit Palais de la Ville de Paris exhibition catalogue De Carthage à Kairouan, Paris, 1982, p.257, no.340).