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A Two-Part MIniature Qur'an in Gubari Script, copied by Ibrahim ibn Haji 'Abd al-Jalil Shirvani, Persia, Safavid, dated 1037 AH/1627 AD

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  • INk & gold on Paper
Arabic manuscript on octagonal cream paper, 255 leaves, 14 lines to the page written in fine and extremely neat Gubari script, verses separated by gold dots, surah headings in gold, margins ruled in colours and gold, opening illuminated page decorated in polychrome interlacing vines, lacquer bindings decorated with a central motif of intertwining arabesques interspersed with sprinkled polychrome flowers 

Catalogue Note

Two other manuscripts copied by the scribe are recorded: a copy of the ghurar al-hikam wa durar al-kalim (sayings of Imam 'Ali) copied in Rasht (south of the Caspian Sea) on 16 jumadi al-awwal 1037 AH/1628 AD in the Gulistan Palace Library (Mehdi Bayani, ahval va asar-e khosh-nevisan, vol.IV, Tehran, 1358 sh., p.4) and the safwat al-safa of Ibn Bazzaz copied in Ardabil on 15 ramadan 1030 AH/1621 AD, sold in these rooms 8 July 1980, lot 254.