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Collection of leaves from medieval manuscripts, in Latin and Italian, on vellum

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  • Vellum
eight leaves (including 3 bifolia), (a) two leaves from a copy of the Liber sacramentorum Engolismensis (Angoulême), each approximately 310mm. by 200mm., western France (probably Angoulême), twelfth century; (b) bifolium from Ambrose, Epistolae (Migne, Pat.Lat.16), each leaf 330mm. by 234mm., Italy, late twelfth century; (c) bifolium from a biblical commentary, each leaf 340mm. by 240mm., France, thirteenth century; (d) bifolium from book I of Dominican friar Domenic da Vico's Expositione del Credo, Italy, fifteenth century; all recovered from bindings and hence somewhat defective