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Cutting from a Lectionary, in Latin, on vellum

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  • Papyrus
large fragment of a leaf, 350mm. by 106mm., apparently from a large single-column manuscript, with loss of a few lines at top and one side of column, 26 lines in black ink in a monumental and distinctive square and flat Carolingian minuscule, rubrics and 3 initials in red, recovered from a binding and hence some folds, stains and small holes, verso with some significant damage, else in good condition

Catalogue Note

The hand of this leaf is identifiable as that of Hand F of Einsiedeln MS. 113, described by H. Hoffman, Schreibschulen des 10. und 11. Jahrhunderts im Südwestern des Reiches, 2004, item 113 (466), pl. 110. The monastery of Einsiedeln was founded in 934 on the site of an eremitical community which had formed around St. Meinrad (d. 861). The community quickly gathered support from the local nobility and by the time this leaf was written it was acting as a religious and cultural centre for the whole Alemannic region. The output of its scriptorium was substantial, and some 64 manuscripts from there survive from the ninth to the twelfth centuries.