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a russian icon of the miracle of the archangel michael at chonae, 19th century

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  • the arch-shaped gilded silver frame chased with a border of strapwork and foliage, by Morozov, St. Petersburg, circa 1900, sold with a carved wooden kiot with a glass front
the icon painted on metal, showing the Archangel Michael miraculously bringing forth the medicinal springs at Chonae as St. Archippus watches, the Chapel of St. Michael appears at the right

Catalogue Note

This icon depicts the Archangel Michael's miraculous protection of a medicinal spring near Hierapolis in Phrygia. St. John the Theologian and St. Philip the Apostle had prophesied that a healing spring would come forth in this spot and that the Archangel Michael would appear there. Bathing in the spring was shown to heal illnesses and many Christians came to the spring to be healed and to pray to the Archangel Michael. A chapel to St. Michael was built there and the future St. Archippus settled nearby. Pagans living in the area resented the healing powers of the spring and the many pilgrims who congregated there. They built a dike causing a river to flood, potentially damaging the Chapel of St. Michael and the spring.  In answer to Archippus's prayers, the Archangel Michael appeared and caused a fissure to open in the ground.  The river was diverted into this fissure, saving both the spring and the chapel. The Moscow Kremlin's Monastery of the Miracle, in which Russian tsars were traditionally baptized, is dedicated to the feast of this event.