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Aelbert Meyeringh, Jacobus Storck

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  • Aelbert Meyeringh
  • Amsterdam, a view of the 's Lands Zeemagazijn in winter


  • indistinctly signed and dated lower right: AMeyer...fec..An.16..
  • oil on canvas, in a carved wood frame
  • 61 by 85 cm.; 24 by 33 1/2 in.


Probably William Clutterbuck, Eastlington, Gloucestershire, or his son Richard Clutterbuck, circa 1700;
Thence by descent to the present owner.

Catalogue Note

The view looks across the frozen waters of the Nieuwevaart in Amsterdam and depicts in the centre the naval storehouse, the s' Lands Zeemagazijn or Admiraliteits Zeemagazijn, constructed in 1656 as a naval arsenal and storehouse. Beyond it stands the Oosterkerk, constructed in 1669-71 by the architect Daniel Stalpaert and later completed by Adriaan Dortsman.  Since 1973 the site of the Zeemagazijn has been occupied by the Scheepvaart or National Maritime Museum.

This is a very rare if not unique example of a collaboration between Meyeringh and the Storck family. The landscape setting is the work of Meyeringh, while the figures and very probably the details of the ships' rigging are by Jacobus Storck or his brother Abraham (1644-1708), who specialised in marine subjects. Very few examples of winter landscapes by Meyeringh have come down to us, for his oeuvre consists chiefly of classicizing italianate views based on a stay of over fifteen years in Italy. Of these only one incorporates urban scenery, namely a View of the Haarlemer Poort in Amsterdam, signed and dated 1699, formerly with Leonard Koetser in London, and in this the figures appear to be by Meyeringh's own hand1.  Such collaborations were not so unusual for the Storck brothers, who worked with several other painters, including Meindert Hobbema, Jan Abrahamsz. Beerstraeten and Johannes Lingelbach. Abraham contributed the figures, for example, to Jan van Kessel's view of The Dam at Amsterdam of 1669 today in the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin2 and Jacobus the figures to Hobbema's Wooded landscape now in the Getty Museum. On the basis of photographs Dr. Pieter Roelofs has kindly suggested that the figures in the present work are closest to Jacobus Storck in style.





1. Photograph RKD, The Hague. We are most grateful to Drs. Marijke de Kinkelder for bringing this painting to our attention.
2. Reproduced in H. Potterton, Dutch Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Paintings in the National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin 1986, p. 74, no. 933, fig. 86.