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Magnificent Fancy Vivid Green diamond ring

3,300,000 - 5,450,000 CHF
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Claw-set with a cushion modified brilliant-cut fancy vivid green diamond weighing 2.52 carats, to a plain platinum and yellow gold mount, size 51.

Catalogue Note


In the elite world of fancy coloured diamonds, green and red are by far the rarest body colours. The appearance of green in a diamond is caused by millions of years of exposure to a source of natural irradiation in the earth, either among uranium compounds or percolating groundwater, which changes its specific absorption of light. The majority of naturally irradiated diamonds show isolated green stains or spots that barely penetrate the surface of the crystal and are almost always removed during the cutting process. On the other hand, a very small minority of them were consistently exposed to the irradiation source over time and therefore exhibit an even green hue throughout the entire crystal. Among this extremely select group of stones, only a very few have a true green colour without any bluish, greyish or yellowish secondary colour, as is the case with the present diamond.

True green diamonds are therefore unique gemmological rarities, and represent an extraordinarily group of beautiful and mysterious gems.
The most famous of all green diamonds worldwide is the legendary 'Green Dresden' stone, which is an antique-cut pear-shaped bluish apple-green diamond of 41.10 carats. It was bought by Frederick Augustus II (1733-1763), Elector of Saxony and King of Poland, from the Dutch merchant Delles at the Leipzig Fair in 1741 and set by the Court jeweller Dinglinger in a Golden Fleece Order. It was said at the time that the stone was the first of its kind to appear on the European market.

Only a handful of natural green diamonds have been auctioned in the past thirty years, and most of them exhibited either a bluish or yellowish secondary colour. As far as our records indicate, this is the largest Fancy Vivid Green diamond ever to have appeared at auction.

The very appearance of the present diamond is an extraordinary event in itself, and it presents a rare opportunity to acquire a unique gem which has never before been set in a jewel.