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A Fragmentary Egyptian Limestone Figure of the Priestess Tagerem, Ptolemaic Period, reign of Ptolemy I/Ptolemy II, 304-256 B.C.

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  • A Fragmentary Egyptian Limestone Figure of the Priestess Tagerem
standing on a rectangular base, and wearing a long close-fitting dress, her hands held at her sides, the hands and feet with finely carved detail, the back pillar engraved in sunk relief with columns of inscription, including a mention of the city of Sakhebu, the base with vertical incisions.


from Sakhebu (present day Zat el-Kom), in the southwestern Nile delta
private collection, Paris, acquired prior to 1970


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Catalogue Note

An old inventory number painted in ink on the break reads 'No. 2240.'

For a related example from the Serapeion at Saqqara see G. Andreu, M.-H. Rutschowscaya, and Chr. Ziegler, Ancient Egypt at the Louvre, Paris, 1997, pp. 70-71 (Susan Walker and Peter Higgs, eds., Cleopatra of Egypt, from History to Myth, London, 2000, pp. 71-72).