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A South Arabian Alabaster Head of a Man, Qatabân, circa 2nd/1st Century B.C.

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  • A South Arabian Alabaster Head of a Man, Qatabân
with naturalistic features, short moustache in shallow relief, eyes recessed for inlays, eyebrows with remains of inlay, and finely carved ears.


German private collection, 1980s
Jean-David Cahn AG, Basel


Christie's, London, October 18th, 2005, no. 96, illus.

Catalogue Note

For other naturalistically rendered portrait heads, a rare occurrence in South Arabian funerary art, see S. Antonini, La statuaria sudarabica in pietra, Paris and Rome, 2001, p. 89, C45, pl. 43 and Yémen, au pays de la reine de Saba, Paris, 1997, p. 99 (Antonini, op. cit., p. 91, C51, pl. 44).