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An Egyptian Red Jasper Inlay of a King or God, 19th/22st Dynasty, circa 1290-850 B.C.

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  • An Egyptian Red Jasper Inlay of a King or God
facing left, with finely outlined lips, slightly aquiline nose, and carefully formed ear with indented earlobe and circular recess in the center, the large almond shaped eye and long recessed eyebrow and cosmetic line formerly inlaid with a separate precious material.


Sotheby's, London, July 13th, 1981, no. 157, illus.
Sotheby's, London, July 10th-11th, 1989, no. 105, illus.

Catalogue Note

For comparable royal face inlays in red jasper cf. W.S. Smith , Ancient Egypt: as Represented in The Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Boston, 1960, p.143, fig. 93, (probably King Sety I), S. Spurr, N. Reeves, and S. Quirke, Egyptian Art at Eton College, Selections from the Myers Museum, Windsor and New York, 1999, p.42, no. 61, (with the features of Sety I), and the inlay formerly in the collection of Howard Carter, Sotheby's, London, July 15th, 1980, no. 347.  Inlays such as the present example served as ornaments for "shrines and funerary equipment as well as luxurious furniture for the living. The throne chair of Tutankhamen, for example, is inlaid in glass and faience in addition to more precious materials." (Elizabeth Riefstahl, Ancient Glass and Glazes in The Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, N.Y., 1968, p.110, no.75)