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A highly important Mamluk gilded and enamelled glass bucket or finger-bowl, Syria or Egypt, mid-14th century

600,000 - 800,000 GBP
1,553,250 GBP
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made of thick glass with a brownish tinge and some large and many tiny bubbles, of slightly flaring cylindrical form with a raised flange to the exterior below the mouth, the sides decorated with a blue enamelled inscription set against a winding white scroll with animal terminals in green, yellow, white and black interspersed with red leaves, the thick red enamel ground and border of the inscription appear pinkish but were originally gilded, the lower section with four roundels containing lions striding to the left with right paw raised and long tail doubling back over their rump, the roundels framed in red with gold lobes as an outer edge and a gold ground, the roundels separated by double-headed eagles outlined in red and filled with gold with wings outstretched and claws clasping the dragon-headed terminals of their tails, bordered below and around the rim with friezes of red palmettes once gilded all over, with small green enamel dots decorating alternate palmettes on the lower frieze, a narrow twisted and knotted cable outlined in red and filled with gold runs around the vessel just above the flange