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Collection of leaves from decorated manuscripts, in Italian and Latin, on vellum and paper

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71 fragments, including (a) 2 leaves from a manuscript most probably of an Italian translation of Quintus Curtius Rufus' Historiae Alexandri Magni book VII on vellum, 218mm. by 148mm. (with losses to the outer lower corners of both), remains of 37 lines in a low and rounded humanistic hand, text erased on verso, Italy, c.1450, (b) bifolium from a remarkably early glossed Bible on vellum, containing Apocalypse 6:6-17 & 9:17-10:7, each leaf 230mm. by 146mm., single column (185mm. by 50mm.), 25 lines of main text in a excellent early Gothic hand, northern France, mid twelfth century, (c) bifolium from a glossed Bible on vellum, containing Proverbs 30:15-31:1 & 31:28-30 with extensive gloss, each leaf 280mm. by 215mm., 20 lines of main text in black ink in good early Gothic hand, incipits and simple initials in red and blue, northern France, thirteenth century, (d) a large and complete bifolium from book 3 of a medical and philosophical compendium on vellum, each leaf 427mm. by 275mm., double column, 82 lines in an accomplished Italian University hand, paragraph marks and initials in red and blue, Italy, c. 1300; (e) bifolium from a Canon Law manuscript citing in four places the author 'Raymundus' (almost certainly Raymond de Pennaforte), on vellum, each leaf 273mm. by 190mm., trimmed at top with loss of a few lines, double column, 35 lines in an excellent angular Gothic hand, incipits in red, seven 2-line initials in blue and red with contrasting penwork, Italy, fourteenth century; (f) remains of three bifolia from a liturgical manuscript on vellum, with the incipit 'Ista est tabula que cuius libet biblie libri perpetatem denotat', two approximately 235mm. by 345mm., and the third bisected horizontally and 155mm. by 345mm., remains of 16 lines of text in a large rounded bookhand, with incipit and reference numbers in red, Italy, c. 1300; plus another 17 leaves from liturgical or legal documents on vellum (including 3 bifolia) mostly of twelfth to fourteenth century, 4 bifolia from a legal manuscript on paper, 12 documents on vellum dating from 1390 to seventeenth century, and one of 1629 on paper, and a small bound collection of 28 binding fragments, 260mm. by 130mm., in gilt-tooled binding of two panels (one containing a circular design, the other a bird with an olive branch) surmounted by a floral spray; all except last item recovered from bindings and hence somewhat defective