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A silver-gilt icon of St. Alexei, Metropolitan of Moscow, Khlebnikov, Moscow, 1908-1917

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the Saint shown half-length, held in a finely chased silver-gilt frame, flanked with seraphim, scroll and foliate borders, the lower, raised border decorated with rosettes and each corner, centred with: S.V. Alexei Mitr.Mosk. in Cyrillic, 84 standard, the icon further mounted in a birchwood frame, dated 1613-1913


Prince Alexey Alekseevich Droutzkoy


Hammer Galleries, New York, 2-31 August 1937

Catalogue Note

Thank Lord God who shed his grace upon Russia and us all so that we could decently and joyously celebrate the days of the tercentenary of the Romanov's accession.
Emperor Nicholas II, 1913

In 1913 the Romanov House celebrated its Tercentenary and Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Fedorovna went on a tour of old Russian towns to trace the route taken by the first Romanov Tsar three centuries before. They visited Vladimir, Suzdal, Nizhny Novgorod, the Ipatiev Monastery in Kostroma, where Michael received the crown, and finally Moscow. The celebrations across Russia were extravagant with hundreds of thousands of people participating in the festivities and it took on aspects of a religious pilgrimage for some. Russia's most celebrated silversmiths such as Fabergé, Khlebnikov, Ovchinnikov and Sazikov were commissioned to create beautiful works of art to commemorate this event, including the superlative example of silver decoration which adorns this icon.