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BarberOsgerby Edward Barber b.1969 & Jay Osgerby b. 1969

15,000 - 25,000 GBP
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  • 'Zero-In' Low Table
hand worked mirror-polished aluminium and Starfire glass


Established & Sons, London

Catalogue Note

"The concept for the table was lead by the observation that so often a beautiful carpet or floor finish is obscured by a table.

An apparently thin ribbon of polished aluminium appears to hover slightly off the ground.  Objects placed on the super-clear glass seem to be floating over the void.  Looking through the table top it appears that the glass is acting as a concave lens, the sides of the table converging at a shallower angle than expected.  This illusion is created by a second skin of aluminium which is fused to the outer skin with a slightly greater pitch. This gives the table a volume and substance that visually contradicts its apparent lightness." Jay Osgerby

The 12 Limited Edition `Zero-In' tables are constructed in 14 gauge aluminium with an 8mm cut Starfire glass top.  Each individual piece is formed by hand in several sections; the curves are made by hand beating the metal over wooden formers, the sections are welded together to create the inner and outer walls, the welded joints are worked manually until they are invisible and, finally, the whole table is polished until it has a faultless, mirror reflective surface.  They were made in England by the craftsmen who restore Aston Martin cars.