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Tom Dixon b. 1959

10,000 - 15,000 GBP
12,500 GBP
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  • `MAK' Armchair
hand made by Tom Dixon
PETG  extruded plastic

Catalogue Note

Tom Dixon's plastic extrusion project was initiated in 2001 as a conceptual installation with the objective of short-circuiting the whole chain of design, tooling, manufacturing, production, warehousing and distribution to retail shops, which is the current business model in the furniture industry. Here, the extrusion machine is set up in a public space and the customer is able to participate in the design and manufacture of the object.

Dixon experimented with the installation in a variety of spaces, from the Victoria & Albert Museum and the windows of Selfridges in London, to the Basel Art Fair, producing a wide variety of forms, and encouraging other designers, including Ron Arad, Michele de Lucchi, Michael Young and Karim Rashid to confront the machine and manufacture instant product.

The current lot is one of three unique chairs made by Dixon on stage in the main hall at the MAK (Museum für angewandte Kunst), Vienna, at the opening event of the Formless Furniture Exhibition on May 27, 2008.

This lot is accopanied by a certificate of authenticity from Tom Dixon.

"It was already a hot evening in Vienna, and the physical strain of manipulating 20 kilos of hot plastic, which was pouring out of the machine at a rate of 20 metres a minute at 200 degrees C was intense ... I probably started slightly hallucinating into the manufacturing process, finding a new way of working the PETG into large rolls, and pasting them together in a process akin to the way that Venetian craftsmen work with glass ... I don't think I have seen anything else quite like it ..." Tom Dixon