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Peter Shelton & Lee Mindel b. 1945 & b. 1951

7,000 - 9,000 GBP
8,750 GBP
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  • `Yellow Brick Road' Carpet
  • with firm's label
hand-tufted wool


Phil Patton, 'Design on a New Level,' Connoisseur, January 1987, pp. 43-47 (for a discussion of the New Level series)
Douglas Brenner, 'Fancy Footwork,' Architectural Record, September 1987, p. 154

Catalogue Note

In the 1980s V'SOSKE commissioned over 50 carpets designed by prominent architects of the decade, including Richard Meier, Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown, Michael Graves and Charles Gwathmey. Each rug designed for the "New Level" series were made in a limited edition.  Peter Shelton and Lee Mindel designed multiple carpets for the project including 'Crack', 'Peel' and the current lot. 


"An exploration of surface, the yellow brick road appears to be a concrete block paving pattern with a floating painted yellow graffiti-like perimeter.  Innovative techniques celebrate rug making.......alluding to Josef Albers' layering of color with the urban grit of the street and the promise of the journey offered to the Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion and Dorothy.... in search of ones self....there's no place like home."
Lee Mindel