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Maarten Baas b. 1978

8,000 - 12,000 GBP
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  • "Where There's Smoke...":  Thonet Chair
  • chair with applied metal signature and plaque `Where There's Smoke.../created by Maarten Baas for Moss, NY/15/05/04'
  • burnt beechwood with epoxy resin finish and polyurethane lacquer
burnt beechwood with epoxy resin finish and polyurethane lacquer 
the seat cushion in unique, handmade felt of raw silk, Merino wool, and silk chiffon designed by Claudy Jongstra, The Netherlands


Moss, New York


Where There's Smoke..., Moss, New York, 15-23 May 2004


`Design:  What gets me going,' DAMn Magazine, vol. 7, p. 87 (for another example from the series)

Gareth Williams, The Furniture Machine:  Furniture since 1990, London, 2006, p. 35 (for another example from the series)

Catalogue Note

"We don't often see any value in the process of change.  Damage has to be repaired to maintain the original concept:  symmetrical, shiny and tight.....The oppressive idea that things have to remain the same had to be turned upside down.  What happens to a piece of furniture when you treat it in a way that is neither a 'should' or an 'intention'? – that was the beginning of 'Smoke'."

Maarten Baas